Exactly what you need for your Virtual Race

AccuRun includes all the features you need in a virtual race management system. With AccuRun, you can easily create a virtual race for a date range or starting at a specific time. Race organizers can quickly invite runners to participate and even form them into teams if desired. Once the race begins, runners can then use the AccuRun app to automatically track race progress and record finish times. The race leaderboard is updated as runners complete the race.

Admin Features

Virtual race creation is simple and straightforward. A race creation screen helps you make choices based on your needs.

The race can be set to start at a specific time or you may allow participants to run the race any time between specified dates.

Once your race is ready, inviting participants is just a few mouse clicks away. You may choose to generate a "Sign up" URL, send email invitations to potential participants or just have the system add prior participants to the new challenge.

The race organizer may access runner logs which is helpful if individual participants will not be entering finish times directly.

Participants can optionally be organized into teams whose averages would compete against other teams or individual users.

Race directors can add race logo to app as well as rotating sponsors

Runner Features

AccuRun racing app allows runners to easily record runs and view results

During race, app provides audio and visual feedback on position and time

App records GPS coordinates allowing runner to review a Google race map and splits

Prior race results and medals are archived for review in app

Runners may compete in AccuRun sponsored races if none are otherwise available

App users may create their own races and invite friends

Race progress reports are available directly on the runner home page, admin page and through the smartphone app

Password-protected external page can make the race results available to authorized non-participants

Runner names can be masked with system generated anonymous IDs to protect privacy

AccuRun Leaderboard